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 treasure chests of dragon

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PostSubject: treasure chests of dragon   Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:23 pm

these are very interesting items i herd u can get goddess armor from them but so far i only have got the following. i will put the price for the items too when i know how much and what some items are for as i get the info.

Golden button = 50 - 80 mil rare item needed for enchanting a high lvl shield
Legendary Anor Boots = 150 mil mage feet armor lvl 51
Legendary ____ Boots = 150 mil darkie pagon boots for lvl 51
Dread Angolmois= 1.5 mil crap item darkie bow
Legendary Immortal Pain = 40 mil ( darkie dual weild lvl 48
Legendary Steel Castle = lvl 49 darkie shield 13 mil
Legendary Python Protector.. - lvl 53 darkie top = 105 mil
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treasure chests of dragon
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